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What FoolProof offers:

Turnkey, interactive, online lessons that teach young people about money, financial responsibility, and the realities of the free enterprise system.


What are your obligations to FoolProof when you sign up?

There are none. You are completely in charge of your relationship with FoolProof and with Directions Credit Union, your sponsoring credit union.

  • If you are using FoolProof for High Schools, you have been assigned a Directions Credit Union representative, but that representative's job is primarily to assist you with technical problems.

  • Your students will reach FoolProof by going to Directions Credit Union's home page. But they of course don't need to belong to Directions Credit Union, and don't need to have any contact with the credit union.

  • If you would like more credit union involvement, Directions Credit Union will be happy to provide it. For instance, Directions Credit Union offers membership to young people. Directions Credit Union can offer support for special projects, and provide classroom assistance.

  • But your use of FoolProof does not require you to do anything with Directions Credit Union, other than communicate with your credit union representative when you have problems, questions or requests, and talk with your representative when new FoolProof modules or programs are released.

Who developed the FoolProof curriculum?

FoolProof was developed by consumer advocates with the help of teachers and students. We are endorsed by the National Association of Consumer Advocates, the Consumer Federation of America, NYWISE, and the Care4YourFuture program.

The FoolProof Curriculum has been tested by thousands of students, and it is listed as a resource by the Jump$tart Coalition.

Who pays for all of this?

FoolProof for High Schools is completely free for you and your school. The funding for the FoolProof Initiative is provided by the participation of credit unions. Our partners include individual credit unions, the not-for-profit Council For Credit Union Education, Inc., and Credit Union Strategic Partners.

FoolProof is proud of our credit union relationships. But the FoolProof curriculum and all of FoolProof’s messages were developed solely by FoolProof. No businesses, including credit unions, had any input. We are advocates for honest financial literacy instruction, not marketers.


Becoming a FoolProof Advocate:

If you use FoolProof, and find it valuable, you'll have a chance later to sign up as a FoolProof Advocate. FoolProof advocates help us develop new modules and provide us general feedback on improving our existing modules. But you decide if you want to join our team.


The funding for the FoolProof Initiative is provided by the participation of credit unions across America.