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The FoolProof for High Schools program is a highly interactive web-driven financial literacy tool.

The modules feature music, videos, dozens of young people, and—most importantly—the truth
about the extraordinary importance of understanding money.



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FoolProof for High Schools is designed for classroom use in the 9th-12th grades.

  • This is a demo account. We will assign you your own account when you sign up for the program. Please do not sign up your whole class on the demo account.

  • Sign in as a "teacher," then sign up a small test group.

  • You can monitor one student's progress, or monitor the entire classroom's progress at once.

  • FoolProof's software even grades the tests for you, and gives you results in two formats.

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Dan Buettner, FoolProof Board Member, comments on
our modular programs for young people.

What do the modules teach? Here's a module-by-module rundown.

FoolProof Videos

FoolProof's modular programs are video driven and highly interactive. Young people do all the teaching.

Look at a sample of our 100+ videos.


Only idiots automatically believe marketing and advertising!


Buy these jeans now!


Work less, make more!


This will be you if you do not learn budgeting and saving skills.


The interview: spending journal.


Watch your back!


Girl shows guy how to buy a car.


Debt is what you get with a credit card.


Work harder, make less!


Your first month on your own.


The result of wasting money? Extra work!


Day 1 on the job!


Do your homework.


Look at how much money you wasted!