FoolProof Videos

The FoolProof WorkPlace modules are video driven and highly interactive. Young people do all the teaching.

Sample a few of our videos. Some of these videos are mini-thoughts taken out of context. You'll need to see the modules for the shorter videos to make sense.


Meet your credit!


FoolProof WorkPlace intro (part 2)


FoolProof WorkPlace intro (part 4)


The Quality of Your Life: determined by how you manage your money.


The power of a checking account.


Time to get a checking account.


Credit cards and credit problems.


Debt is what you get with a credit card.


FoolProof WorkPlace intro (part 1)


FoolProof WorkPlace intro (part 3)


FoolProof WorkPlace intro (part 5)


What if your credit is already bad?


Big tip!


Credit unions help you save money.


Cash advances and credit card "checks."


Credit card companies need interest like you need air.