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FoolProof provides you many teacher tools, including teacher guides and suggested daily lesson plans.

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What The Modules Teach:

Here's a module-by-module rundown.

FoolProof Teacher Guides:


Please read the Module 8 Teacher Guide before scheduling Burning Money.

We're constantly working on improving our FoolProof programs.

If you have new ideas on using FoolProof with your students, or suggestions on improving the FoolProof experience, please share them with us!

FoolProof Teaching Tips:

Here are some lesson ideas & teaching tips that have been shared with the FoolProof team by teachers around America.

Take a look:

  1. FoolProof Teaching Tips

  2. Outside the Classroom Tips

FoolProof Teacher Guides:

Not enough class hours to take your students through FoolProof?

Here are some ideas on arming your students with FoolProof outside the classroom environment.


We hope you'll enjoy using our program.

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Certificate of Completion:

Parents like to see their kids' progress when it comes to financial literacy and responsibility.

Why not print out and issue the FoolProof Certificate and award it to each student who completes the FoolProof modular program?

You can find the certificate in your "Teacher Account."

"Pre-test" Your Students!

Compare your students' financial literacy skills before and after working through the FoolProof modules.

You could even add the students' pre and post-test scores to their Certificate of Completion.

You can find the pre-test in your personal "Teacher Account."

Youth website: CUHQ

FoolProof's year-round consumer website for young people. Throughout the modules your students will be directed to this site to find extra information.

CUHQ is updated monthly with a new article.

Spending Journal:

The backbone of the "Burning Money" series.

Each student records every expense for 7 days on our printed Spending Journal, then, periodically transfers the expenses to his or her online account.

Each student's individual expenses are then used in teaching examples for that student throughout the entire "Burning Money" series.

You can find the spending journal in your "Teacher Account."

  • Print yourself, or check with your sponsoring credit union. Many credit unions will provide you this journal.

Quick Start Guide:

Need help?

First we show you how to set up your own teacher account, next we show you how to get your students started.

Download here

FoolProof's Newspaper:

Real Consumer Information. No Infomercial.

Information Edge is a free online newspaper that tells the truth about consumer issues.

Consumer advocates - not marketers - write every single article and feature on Information Edge.

What will you learn at IE?

  • Breaking news on any consumer issue that impacts your pocketbook.
  • Monthly features (with podcasts) on key consumer topics.
  • Tough guides for: Home Buying, Mortgages, Cars, and Identity theft & privacy.

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Information Edge

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