Welcome to FoolProof for Middle/High Schools

FoolProof provides a free consumer life skills curriculum to middle and high school teachers. Our curriculum teaches a new type of financial literacy.

Why our curriculum is different:

  • We teach healthy skepticism.
  • We immerse kids in the importance of both healthy skepticism and caution.
  • We teach concepts and habits that can travel with a young person thru life.

Is the curriculum a real curriculum? Definitely.

  • Our curriculum meets or exceeds state and national financial literacy guidelines and standards, including integration of Common Core requirements.
  • We give you a rigorous, full semester curriculum.
  • And you can use one module or all of our modules.

Who developed the curriculum?
Consumer advocates, teachers and students. Not marketers.

Is it web-driven? Yes.

  • Our curriculum features highly interactive, self-grading lessons called "modules."
  • The modules are video-driven and feature peer-to-peer teaching.
  • In addition we give you 16 individual assignments to help students hone their critical thinking skills.
  • And we also provide you 16 group activities for the classroom.

Does the curriculum work with other financial literacy resources? Yes.
The curriculum can be used exclusively or as an important supplement to your current resources.

Does the program work as homework? Definitely.

  • Some schools require all students to complete the curriculum as homework.
  • Students can work on any device, anywhere with web access.
  • And they can stop and start at any time.

Designed to Lessen Your Workload

  • Students register themselves with a code provided by you.
  • You can monitor one student or an entire class simultaneously from any device with web access.
  • The software grades all tests.
  • You can customize the curriculum to keep students on track.

Try It Today

The program is free to all users. Is there a catch? No.

Learn more about our program and start using FoolProof today.

And please note this: if we can help you in any way in your classroom, please let us know. If you need materials printed, or would like a speaker for your class, we're here to help.

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We ask teachers & students currently using FoolProof to tell us what they think:

" Love what you have put together here! I think this generation of teachers/students are so fearless and filled with an integrity and truthfulness that we have never seen! You amaze me.

I have sent your link on to lots of my fellow teachers — wishing you great success! "

Marypat Lee

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