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FoolProof's Financial Literacy Curriculum is free, web-driven, highly interactive, and self-grading.

Our middle school and high school curriculum was developed with input from teachers, students, and consumer advocates, not with input from marketers.

We teach kids to be skeptical of anyone or any company that wants to touch their money or their welfare.

Our online "modules" teach young people personal financial responsibility and consumer self-defense skills.

Classroom activities and individual essay assignments are also included to reinforce module lessons.

FoolProof's modules take students about 22 45-minute sessions to complete. You can use one or all modules, and modules can be assigned as homework.

Designed to lessen your workload:

We provide you FoolProof's comprehensive curriculum, teacher guides, course calendar including daily work plans, group projects, supplemental materials, and homework assignments.

  • Students register themselves, after you provide a class code.
  • You can monitor one student or an entire class simultaneously from any device with web access.
  • Our software grades all tests.
  • Our curriculum meets most state and national financial literacy guidelines and standards, including integration of Common Core requirements.
  • Students can work remotely from any device with web access. (Some schools require all students to complete FoolProof's curriculum as homework.)

FoolProof's middle school and high school curriculum is unique:

  • We teach critical thinking skills rather than rote money skills. For instance, what good does it do to teach young people the budgeting process if they don't know how to spend money wisely?
  • FoolProof's modules feature audio and video clips, music and game breaks. All material is geared toward the middle and high school student and, just as important, is delivered by young people not much older than your students. Our presenters talk "to" your students, not "at" them.
  • FoolProof was developed by consumer advocates, teachers and students, not by marketers. We believe our messages are the messages you would want to deliver to your own kids.
  • FoolProof is free and will always be free. Is there a catch? No.

Learn more about our programs and start using FoolProof today!

Want a speaker on financial literacy for your classroom or school?

In addition to our free online curriculum, FoolProof has partnered with CARE (Credit Abuse Resistance Education) to provide free classroom speakers in your classroom. CARE is a financial education outreach program of the American Bankruptcy Institute, and is endorsed and administered by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system. You can schedule a CARE presentation for your school here.

Mike Sheffer

Mike Sheffer, FoolProof's Director of Education

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