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What We Offer: up to 22 hours of online, video-driven, self-grading financial literacy instruction. And young people do all the teaching.

You can use one "module" or you can use the entire curriculum.

  • Seven Basic Modules.
    The basic modules require seven-to-eight 45-minute lab sessions. These seven modules provide a thorough grounding in the basics of financial literacy.
  • The Eighth Module called "Burning Money."
    Burning Money is broken into five "episodes" that require up to eight 45-minute lab sessions. Burning Money immerses your students in the budgeting, saving and spending-decision process.
  • Ten New Supplemental Modules.
    These modules cover topics from "Renting a Pad" and "Gambling" to "Charitable Giving" and "Retirement."

The first eight modules are designed to be completed in order.

Our Programs Are Free To All Users. Is there a catch? No.

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Ten New Curriculum Topics

Breaking News: ten new curriculum topics for you, for free, of course.

The ten topics are presented in FoolProof's familiar modular form.

The new modules are currently only available for the FoolProof for High Schools program.

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