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Here's a rough clip from the FoolProof Workplace introductory module.

A fact: Consumers who enter the workplace directly without going to college or even graduating from high school face very tough realities:

  • Many don't have core financial literacy skills.
  • Many begin their first job with impaired credit.

Both the workers and the workplace are hurt by these realities.

A solution:
The FoolProof WorkPlace program is a highly interactive, self-grading group of online lessons called "modules." The modules are designed to help both the worker and the business. The modules integrate training in core financial skills with practical tips on how workers can safely navigate the free enterprise system.

FoolProof believes a good credit union is the wisest place for virtually every entry-level worker to begin their financial lives. That's why we encourage you to involve your sponsoring credit union in your earliest FoolProof class sessions.

The FoolProof modules take the average student about twelve 45-minute classroom sessions to complete. There are a total of 5 different modules.

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Mike Sheffer

Mike Sheffer, FoolProof's Director of Education

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