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A True Consumer Advocacy Initiative

FoolProof's programs take a tougher stance than many other programs.

For instance, many programs developed by financial institutions either put forth the agenda of those institutions or neglect to cover important topics that might conflict with the institutions' goals.

A perfect example is the way virtually all financial literacy programs associated with financial institutions present credit cards. The programs normally don't say the most important thing about credit cards: you should always try to pay off your card balance in full every month. A credit card company can't say that message strongly and clearly. The card companies would go broke if all their customers actually paid off their balances.

That's why credit card companies—including those from banks and credit unions—push all consumers to charge more than we can afford to pay off every month. The companies want us to finance our purchases.

"But what's good for the company in this instance isn't good for you or your kids or students."

We Tackle Issues Head-On

How we explain the danger of credit cards:


What we say about most advertising:

Why We Are Different

The power of FoolProof comes from our strong, independent nature: we are consumer advocates.

Our messages are developed to protect you, not push any product or service.

  • For instance, credit unions may have helped fund FoolProof. But no credit union has ever had any input or influence over FoolProof's messages. Look at our messages, and you'll agree.
  • We developed FoolProof to provide straightforward, independent information that really equips consumers to deal with the intricacies of the financial system and the consumer marketplace.

FoolProof is endorsed by the Consumer Federation of America, the National Association of Consumer Advocates, and the CARE Program.


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